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Notes on choosing a switching power supply?

Source:REIGNPOWER Release Date:2013-10-31

A. To increase the lifetime of the S.P.S., we suggest users choosing the model that has the rating of 30% more power than actual need. For example, if the system needs a 100W source, we suggest that users may choose a S.P.S. with 130W of output power or more. By doing this, you can effectively boost the lifetime of the S.P.S. in your system.

B. We also need to consider about ambient temperature of the S.P.S. and whether there is additional equipment for issipating the heat. If the S.P.S. is working in a high temperature environment, we need to make some derating to the output power. The derating curve of "ambient temperature" versus "output power" can be found on Reign Power's web site.

C. Choosing all kinds of function based on your application:

※ Protection function: Over Voltage Protection (OVP). Over Temperature Protection (OVP) Over Load

Protection (OLP), etc.

※ Application function: Signaling Function (Power Good, Power Fail), Remote Control, Remote

Sensing, etc

※ Special function: Power Factor Correction (PFC), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function.

D. Make sure that the model qualifies for the verification of safety standards and EMC regulations you need.