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Why using Reign Power Intelligent Power Supply ?

Source:REIGNPOWER Release Date:2013-10-29

Traditionally, Power Supply could only have a passive output of high-tension supply. And the precision equipment must be sure has the percentage of reliable.

The reason why that needs to avoid to waste of the efficiency and the cost, because it must measure output voltage, current, running temperature and running time by measuring instrument, when for maintainability.

For the working value point:

Voltage Measuring : Voltage is the heart of electronic product. The running temperature instable and accurate voltage is very important for electronic product.

Even for high level equipment could not have any mistake, it will be cost a serious consequence and damage.

REIGN POWER has please to present a new intelligent power supply solution, it can exact measure the voltage without any mistake, and when the voltage full over the current than ±15% the relay will automatic send the warning sign by 1 Amp out that is easy to customer who operating the circuit. (The connection of warning signal is totally insulate)

Current Measuring : Correct running current information that could showing the power supply in damage and test to the running current also could expect to prevent the problem to be happened with product. In our intelligent supply solution that could solve and monitor all of power running condition and if the current over that also send the warning sign.

Temperature Measuring : power supply is the heart of electronic product therefore at the running instable environment; it will damage and reduce the power supply cycle life. Moreover it also will be caused unexpected problem. To check the temperature whether high this can make sure the reliability of the machinery. When gets higher the relay will send the signal by 1 Amp out that is easily to customer who can operate the circuit.

Running time display : Any electronic product has cycle life. If the power is end of cycle life and does not replace timely, it will cause a huge damage. REIGN's intelligent power supply can show the each time of process environment. When it full over the cycle life of power s upply, the LED display panel will show the signal to reminder the user to replace for avoid any damage risk.

REIGN's intelligent power supply not only the above functionality, it also can install on the din rail mounting. It is a very convenience and excellence external form design. Also it has a completed safe approval. In addition, the precision equipment crashed protection without any reason that could choice the power with backup function to strengthen the power safety. Any redundant power details please refer to redundant (RDY signal).

REIGN POWER CO., LTD deeply hopes that we can thereby these functions to increase your profit of business and always stand on competitive advantage.