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Why chose Output Monitoring Digital Display Rail Power ?

Source:REIGNPOWER Release Date:2013-10-29

Reign Power( )announced the output voltage monitoring din rail switching power supply which can be installed onto 7.5 or 15mm TS-35 DIN Rails on 2012 June. Rated output power from 20W to 1000W. All related series are UL508 and CE certified. The advantage of the power supply is as follows:

Traditionally, right range of output power of industrial power supply can only be indicated by LED. However, this method is quite simple and rough, and is unable to display precisely, causing user cannot determine the cause of system failure. Reign Power din rail switching power supply monitors voltage which shows real time power stability. The solution is different from old LED display ones and can be intuitive and quick to decide whether the power products is running normally or not.

Stability is key point of sophisticated high-end equipments. In order to ensure the product reliability in actual use, output voltage needs to be adjusted under following situations: the voltage drop of wiring length and voltage trimming of system accuracy requirement. These requirements are not inconvenient for site construction staffs and quality inspection, they have to use multimeter to calibrate and test. Now, with voltage monitoring Reign Power din rail switching power supply, there is no need for additional multimeter during installation. The straightforward operation of voltage adjustment can examine the products. Not like standard screw installation, rail mounting does not need fixing screws and is neat. As the result, efficiency and quality can improve significantly in production and maintenance.

After products sale, there is inevitably defects or malfunction. It is essential for product producer to rapidly resolve these faults so as to lower the maintenance cost, especially, when they take place in which personnel cannot reach. Reign Power din rail switching power supply with digital voltage monitor can let the non-professional client directly determine product status and report back the reason is related to whether power quality or not. This can accelerate product maker services to client and get the reputation from market.

Reign Power digital type din rail switching power supply is specific product line, market competitor is few. With Reign Power digital type din rail switching power supply, manufactures can smoothly distinguish the market segment and elevate market position without price competition, avoiding Red Sea and enter Blue Sea. Reign Power digital type din rail switching power supply is inexpensive and economics, inarguably, the best practical solution.

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