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Why choose optional Reign Power AC-DC power modules ?

Source:REIGNPOWER Release Date:2013-10-31

Reign Power ( in May 2013 issued a series of AC to DC power modules.

Described below : In market power modules are almost all DC to DC. But reign Power’s AC to DC power modules that they can replace conventional transformers, adapters, it is a miniaturized switching power supply can be exempt that use of plug-in power adapter accessories plague many and a lot of trouble.

1. small size, light weight: Reign power of AC to DC power module volume are Market' product sold   half, small size and light weight. Compact size let user to products become small it is possible.

2. Complete Certification: Reign of AC to DC power modules have UL, CE complete certification. Products meet international quality standards. Use high-level products is the best solution method.

3. Glue products: Moisture and dust, Shockproof. They are Mobile products. They are belong outdoor products, on Vehicles, on boats, supply the best solution.

4. Range: 5W.15W.30W.50W. They are Single and dual output. Subsequent models, still developing 100W.150W.300W supply complete solutions for customers.

5. Reign Power of AC-DC power modules: They are built-rate filter with capacitor, however some commercially market's power modules must be modules external add of these devices. Create additional costs and space, so that it is not mean and need.

6. Big range operating temperature from -40 to 70 degrees can work particularly special, especially for outdoor use industrial controller.